Yoram Yasur Agi – Behaviors we should avoid.

yoram yasur gardensYoram Yasur – Behaviors we should avoid.

Focus on dieting instead for nutrition.

Not indulging yourself.
Having dessert, a cup of wine, a good meal, you have to give your body a treat.

Idolize body types.
According to studios, just 5% have body types similar to super models.
Shaming people who are too skinny.
Judging body types.
Judging others.
Not knowing our own bodies.
Thinking beauty is a look rather than a state of mind.
Beauty comes from compassion, intelligence, humor.
Not just looks.

Yoram Yasur – Being a good son…

It is important to spend time with your parents.

Quality time.

When i say quality time i mean full attention to them.

Put your cellphone and computer away and really spend time with them.
Never make them feel like it is an obligation to you, you are doing it

Because you care, and you want to.
Maybe you can set a special night to visit them, and go out to have dinner or something.

Talk to them about your life, they love you and care about your things.
Don’t treat them like they were not part of your life.

Don’t make them feel like you have nothing to do with them.
Ask them for advice, they will feel important for you, that you care about what they think.
And the most important things, is to express gratitude.

Being a nice boss will give you a lot of satisfactions in life.

Being a nice boss will give you a lot of satisfactions in life.
There is nothing better that listening to your employees saying good things about you.

That experience is priceless.
I had good and bad bosses in my life.

People that I admire a lot, and that i am still in contact with.
And others that I did not have the intention of keep contact.

Is all about the way you treat people, and how people treat you back.

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