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yoram yasur greenYoram Yasur Agi – Believe in yourself.

It is the best you can do.
You have to believe in yourself to get what you want.
People with low self esteem never try new things, they do not move from their comfort zone.
Do not let others opinion of you, affect you.
People with great minds do not let anyone interfere with their plans.

We will never know our potential if we don t take the risk of doing something new.
Ignore comments like: you can not do it! change it for: yes, I can.

I will try it again!

Benefits of going to the beach.

The sun is a great source of vitamin d, that light reacts with a cholesterol-related compound and metabolizes into vitamin d, which is essential for bone health, creates healthy skin and may even help improve
mental health.

Wet sand acts as a natural exfoliant and peels off dead skin cells from your feet.

Exfoliation keeps the skin clean, healthy and rejuvenated.
The minerals in the ocean could help reduce symptoms for those with rheumatoid arthritis.

Sunshine can make us happier.
With increased sunlight exposure, their levels of serotonin increased, having a positive effect on factors such as stress, sleep and appetite.

The ocean is full of anti-aging minerals that can counter the decline of your skin’s elasticity.
The beach decreases your stress level by helping you unplug.

Unplugging is good for the mind, body and soul.

Benefits of going to the beach.

I spent a weekend at the beach, with friends and family.
Why is it with going to the beach? it makes you feel so renovated, full of energy, relaxed.
just by listening to the sound of the waves, the wind, birds, is so
it makes you change your mood completely.
we spend a great time, thanks my friends, for the invitation.
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