YORAM YASUR AGI – Be careful when you are helping others at work.

yoram yasur helpingYoram Yasur – Is great to help you co workers, but be sure to avoid letting your responsibilities aside in order to help other achieve theirs.

We must learn to say no, when we are busy or full of too much things to do.
Eing too pleasant can affect your development and your own success.

So you must be careful.

Is true that when you take a new task or responsibilities you will feel motivated, because is something out of our routine and that is very encouraging.

Being stuck in routine is the worst you can do to sabotage your development.

So do not be afraid of taking new opportunities, they will make you think in new things and open your mind to new and original ideas.

Yoram Yasur Agi -Be careful with perfection.

Trying to do things perfectly is great, but do not get obsessed about it, or you will get frustrated too many times.

Why getting stressed about little things? Remember that nothing in life is perfect.

We are not perfect! 

So, instead of being annoying yourself about the mistakes you made, start by looking at the big picture instead of wasting your energy in little things that are not important.

Be careful with some apps if you have children and teens.

There is a new application that is causing a scandal in all media and social networks.

It is a new app that you download and after subscribing to it, the user can comment about all kind of topics in an anonymous way.

The problem is that a lot of people is using it to discredit others, gossip and bad comments about others.

In several countries the app has been prohibited, specially to protect minors from digital bullying.

If we have children, we have to be aware of this things.
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