Yoram Yasur – Benefits of green tea.

yoram yasur polyphenolsYoram Yasur – If you are a tea lover, just like me, you will be a big fan of green tea, after reading this.

It is the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

It is good for fat loss, lower risk of cancer. It is loaded with polyphenols that function as antioxidants.
Has a lot of minerals.

Improves physical performance also.

Benefits of having a dog.

Dogs are just great! They will help you lower anxiety, headache and stress.

  • Hey will help you be more social.
  • They will increase you self esteem.
  • Are such a great company.
  • they are the best partners for exercising.
  • Make us more sensitive persons.
  • Help your recover from diseases.
  • Make you feel loved.

Benefits of taking aspirins

I read about the benefits to taking an aspirin a day.

It lowers the risk of heart attack, but you have to be careful.

You should take aspirin only if your doctor advises you to do it.

Aspirin interferes with your circulation.

Aspirin therapy prevents the clumping action of platelets, preventing a heart attack.

They say taking low doses ca be effective (75mg).

If you have had a heart attack it is important to take aspirin as recommended, for blood thinning.

Possible side effects:

– stroke

– gastrointestinal bleeding

– allergic reaction

– tinnitus

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