Yoram Yasur – Be careful with this vitamins

yoram yasur consistentYoram yasur – vitamin k is essential for blood clotting.
When vitamin k is deficient, bleeding can occur.

But when levels are too high, the blood can become too likely to clot, potentially causing stroke.

Vitamin e is necessary or immunity.

But too much vitamin e can increase the risk of bleeding.
Vitamin a is important for your body, specially for eye development.
But excessive amounts can increase cerebrospinal fluid.
Ginkgo biloba: it can increase the tendency to have bleeding.
Ginger: can relieve nausea.

Excessive quantities also can increase bleeding.

Be confident in yourself

You have to believe in yourserlf, in your abilities, to achieve your goals.
Confident people do not make excuses.
They make time and keep improving.
Get out of their comfort zone.
Do not leave things for tomorrow.
They know how to ignore the opinion of others.
They do not let fear dominates them.
Confident people take risks.
Do not live by comparisons.
They do not quit.
Do Not judge others. They find resources is they have to.

Yoram Yasur – Be consistent. find your trigger

To be successful you must be passionate about your goals.
Is not the same to work for something you like, something you want to
Get, than working for something that you are passionate for.
The energy and will is not the same.
Pursuit the things you love.
Passion is the fuel that will keep you going and going no matter what.
Be consistent. Find your trigger.

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