Yoram Yasur – Cats are very independent animals

yoram yasur bearYoram Yasur – Cats are very independent animals

The wonderful thing about cats is that they do not need too much care.
They are very independent animals.
If you just serve them food and water, and they have their litter clean, they will not bother you at all.
They are so clean, they are so clean, they are always fresh and perfect looking.
They love to play, so if you are going to leave him alone for a couple of days, is important that they have toys to play and entertain.

Yoram Yasur – Causes of depression.

Self abandonment, emotional and physical.
Physical abandonment, it happens when you eat non healthy food, sugars, processed foods.
When you do not sleep well, when you do no exercise.
When you do not drink enough water.
Loneliness is a big cause of depression.
When trauma has accumulated in the microglia, a single incident can cause the microglia to become over-reactive, causing depression.
Experts say that medication is the less effective treatment.Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human
There is always the danger that we may just do the work for the sake of the work.
This is where the respect and the love and the devotion come in – that we do it to god, and that’s why we try to do it as beautifully as possible.
-mother teresa.

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.
-soren kierkegaard

Each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible.
-viktor e. frankl.

A human being is a deciding being. Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human.
-viktor e. frankl.
I recommend that the statue of liberty be supplemented by a statue of responsibility on the west coast.
-viktor e.frankl

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