Yoram Yasur – Being a parent is not easy.

yoram yasur  imporAnd children do not come with instructions – Yoram Yasur.
There is no right way to do things, and things are not written in a book, sometimes we must use our criteria and let things flow.

A big mistake is to make your kid the center of your entire world, of course we love them so much that we want to do everything with them and for them, but we must understand that there is a life outside.

They can not be relying of us for everything, we must teach them to be independent.

Being a parent is the most important thing.

People say that you are not a good son until you become a father.
And i think is true! when you are a parent, you realize all sacrifices our parents did for us.
Taking care of you, give you all you need, love you, feed you, caring when you were sick. Patient, caring, loving.
When you realize the incredible love you feel for your children, you know
Hhow much your parents loved you, and still do.

Being busy is not that good.

We should learn to balance our life between work, family, rest, and friends.
If you are too busy all the time, you loose too much moments to spend with family and friends.
And you are not present, because you are too busy to enjoy and be present.
Life is full of opportunities, but you must be open and able to take them.

If you are too busy all the time, opportunities will pass by and you will lose them.

So, if you think you are not managing your work correctly try to analyze

What is taking you time, what is that you can change to be more effective.
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